Seth Thomas


Seth Thomas is a Technical Evangelist at Chef and has been an active participant of the community for the past 6 years. A regular fixture in community channels, Seth loves helping folks solve their everyday problems while maintaining two of his favorite OSS projects, Bento and Test-kitchen. In past lives, Seth was an operations and partner engineer for OSS companies, a release engineer for the video game industry, and supported one of the largest OpenLDAP clusters in higher education at his alma mater, the University of Texas.

Talk: Learning From Configuration Management

This talk is an in-depth look at all we have learned and what we love about configuration management and DevOps. We'll explore the pain points that still exist, especially as teams try to bring containers and microservices into production. We’ll then explore how Habitat, Chef’s new open-source project, can solve the above problems and what you can do to contribute to this open-source platform. Description: First I start with talking about all the challenges we see with modern configuration management with a heavy lean toward application management inside configuration management systems. I then talk about what things would look like if we did things differently like using choreography in lieu of orchestration. I then introduce Habitat, our open-source platform that was built with the above challenges in mind and discuss how Habitat solves those problems.

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