Stefan Thies


Stefan is Devops Evangelist at Sematext. He is passionate about new software technologies and scalable system architectures. Likes NodeJS for POCs. Stefan makes Monitoring and Logs great again.

Talk: Monitoring and Log Management for Docker Swarm and Kubernetes

The high level of automation for the container and microservice lifecycle makes the monitoring of Kubernetes or Swarm more challenging than in more traditional, more static deployments. Any static setup to monitor specific application containers does not work because orchestration tools like Kubernetes or Swarm make their own decisions according to the defined deployment rules. In this talk you will learn how DevOps can cope with challenges in Monitoring and Log Management on Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. We will start with the basics of container monitoring and logging, including APIs and tools, followed by an overview of the key metrics of both platforms. We will speak about cluster-wide deployments for monitoring and log management solutions and how to discover services for log collection and monitoring, tagging of logs and metrics. Finally, we will share insights derived from monitoring a 4700 node Swarm cluster, as part of the Swarm3k project.

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