Kamil Szczygieł


Kamil is a Cloud Solutions Engineer at Intel that is focused on benchmarking and performance analysis. His adventure with OpenStack started with Grizzly release. He loves mixing the automation with the cloud. He has a background in Ansible, OpenStack and VMware. Kamil spends his free time with his family, expanding his technical knowledge or gaming.

Talk: Patching 100 OpenStack Compute Nodes with Zero-day Patch within 16 Hours

Undisclosed vulnerabilities are very serious threat to the cloud security. Once the flaw leaks to the public information, the risk of attacks increases dramatically. In our talk we will go through case study of patching 100 OpenStack compute nodes consisting of 4000 virtual machines with zero-day patch within 16 hours. We will talk about the challenges we have encountered, how we faced them and we will answer the most important question – did we make it within 16 hours.

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