Sabina Staszczyk


Head of HR in DreamLab Ltd. – a tech company employing more than 300 specialists working in DevOps culture. She is reponsible for shaping the organizational culture cunductive to building work engagement. Her duties include active support for managers in workforce planning, recruitment and selection, motivation, remuneration, employee development and leaving the company. She uses proved psychological concepts as the basis for creating HR soultions.

She also plays different roles. She is a PhD student in the Institute of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University. Her scholar interests focus on motivational and personality mechanisms of excessive work engagement and its effects on occupational and personal functioning. She also undertakes training activities in the field of motivation, work engagement, stress, burnout syndrome, communication and cooperation.

Talk: How We Phased out Motivational System: About Motivation in DevOps Culture

Building work engagement is one of the biggest challenges nowadays. Especially in such a dynamic industry as IT. What is more, we should take into consideration demands typical of building solutions supporting DevOps culture – cooperation, trust, feedback, risk taking and experimentation.

We started the project with the intention of building the new motivational system, but we ended by phasing out any system. Instead we have collected good practices, we experiment with new ideas and we have changed the game rules. We have done that based on the psychological concept of Edward Deci and Richard Ryan (Self-Determination Theory), which thanks to Daniel Pink was made public in business world (known as Motivation 3.0). And what is most important – we empowered our employees to have an impact on the shape of changes.

The aim of the presentation is to reveal our way to phasing out the motivational system and to propose changes supporting creating environment able to motivate in DevOps culture. The speech is directed to people who would like to get to know contemporary concepts of motivation and how to use them in practice , as well as to those who seek inspirations on how to consciously suport work engagement in accordance with DevOps culture. 

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