Frank Scholten


Frank is a senior software engineer at Container Solutions. He is enthusiastic about Open Source software development, process improvement and automation in particular. Drawing on experience from a wide range of projects he is always on the lookout for new technologies, methods and ways to improve things and likes to write on speak on these topics. During the development of the Mesos Elasticsearch framework minimesos was created, a Mesos experimentation and testing tool which was used to test frameworks during development. Minimesos is now further developed with the team at Container Solutions.

Talk: minimesos - The Experimentation and Testing Tool for Apache Mesos

The Apache Mesos project allows a developer to orchestrate and utilize a
cluster of machines as if it were a single pool of resources. Engineers
are writing “frameworks” to take advantage of the redundancy and
scalability that Mesos provides. During the development of the ELK stack
on Mesos we found that the Mesos and Docker community is sorely missing
tools for integration testing. We decided to create our own tool for
experimenting with Mesos and testing frameworks: minimesos, available here

Minimesos is an experimentation and testing tool which can be used as a
standalone cli application or from within a JUnit test. Start a
containerized Mesos cluster, start the scheduler of your framework and
perform assertions. At the end of the test the cluster is destroyed. In
this talk I will introduce minimesos, it's features, design and

The audience are developers and operations people who are interested in
Apache Mesos, containers and or cloud computing. People who have heard
of Apache Mesos but has never tried it before. This presentation will
show a way to get up to speed quickly. People with more knowledge of
Apache Mesos can also benefit from this presentation as they learn about
a tool they can use to experiment and test out new features in Apache

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