Diogo Oliveira


Diogo is a Software Engineer with a particular a particular passion for DevOps, software quality and software reliability. He is one of the organizers of Lisbon's DevOps Meetup, which occurs every month in the portuguese capital. Currently working @ OutSystems as a Software Engineer in the R&D Productivity Team, which is constantly focused on improving the productivity of our developers, whether that has to do with tools or processes, going from infrastructure to strategic projects. My main hobbies involve discovering great places in the middle of nature, cooking and watching comedy stuff.

Talk: The OutSystems R&D Continuous Delivery Journey

OutSystems builds a complex software product. As the company and the product complexity kept growing (and at a faster pace) to a model where we needed to be able to release more frequently, challenges appeared on the way we were doing automated testing and continuous integration / delivery, which demanded significant changes and improvements in these processes, from the tools to the culture. I will share with you our journey towards Continuous Delivery @ OutSystems R&D, namely describing where we were, where are we now (and how are we doing it) and where do we want to go. This is a very interesting story where we were able to change a lot in a relatively small period of time.

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