Tomasz Kulakowski


Consulting System Engineer at Cisco Systems Poland – Data Center & virtualization specialist/architect.For the last 6 years specializing in Data Center networking, virtualization/compute infrastructure (UCS, ACI/Nexus), hyperconvergence, DC automation/cloud and SDN.Have MS in Computer Science, but quickly gave up coding and started sysadmin/networking work;-)

Talk: Contive – Container Networking Done Right with Cisco ACI Fabric

People talk about container persistent storage, let’s talk today about container networking!
There are challenges in containerizing application environment:
-Large scale container deployment is not as mature as compared to VM-based infrastructure
-Networking option is fairly limited and as such advanced security features, multi-tenancy, isolation and monitoring 
- Security in terms of compute network and storage access isolation

Cisco’s infrastructure platform with Contiv addresses most of these challenges by integrating software and underlying hardware components. Cisco addresses this by offering highly composable hardware infrastructure - Cisco UCS for compute/storage access and Cisco ACI platform for programmable networking which is application driven. Contiv, an open source policy framework provides predictable, secure resource acquisition these resources for containerized applications.
We will talk about Cisco ACI - it’s architecture/concepts and Contiv Network which stitches these components together

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