Sebastian Krzyszkowiak


Sebastian Krzyszkowiak is an IT student at Poznań University of Technology, who ain't afraid of finding the right tool for the task, jumping eagerly between various programming languages and frameworks. Interested in free mobile platforms, has been once a major contributor to Openmoko community and Neo900 project - probably one of the first people in Poland using GNU/Linux and writing Python on his mobile phone. Frequent game jam participant, making over a dozen games annually, usually written in C. Rust coder-wannabe. Currently at Omnilogy, taking care of server administration, CI tooling and JavaScript agent able to record and replay user sessions on the Web.

Talk: The Pipeline: a Shift from Classic UI-based Job Configuration Tool to a Domain-specific Language

With the introduction of the Pipeline feature, Jenkins has made a great paradigm shift from its classic UI-based job configuration to a domain-specific language, providing bunch of major advantages when it comes to maintaining the continuous delivery cycle. While previously Jenkins worked best with sequential tasks with well-defined responsibilities and outcomes, now it has become possible to properly instrument the whole delivery process, including code reviews, testing and going through staging environments. Let's take a look at how to take most out of it and how does it compare now to other popular CI tools out there.

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