Grzegorz Cempla


Grzegorz Cempla is General Manager of Ocado Technology Poland which has it’s R&D centres in Kraków and Wrocław, and employs over 200+ employees mainly within software engineering function. He joined Ocado Technology in 2013 and since the beginning of 2014 he heads Polish offices, the first overseas locations of Ocado Technology. Grzegorz has over 25 years of experience in software engineering working previously both in public and private sector, delivering solutions and services to healthcare, banks, telecommunication companies, and web advertising. Currently co-leads the development of systems supporting UK operations of Ocado, world's biggest online-only grocery business.

He is passionate about people development, growing deeply human organisational culture and organisations that are effective in achieving their goals.

Talk: A Journey Towards SRE @ Ocado

Ocado Technology is a provider of the technology that powers up the biggest online-only grocery business in the world - Our development teams have broad responsibility for the systems they build. The presentation tells a story about our journey that brought us to the conclusion about the need for Site Reliability Engineering function. The presentation is aimed for managers, people working on organisational culture, and those who need to deal with the tension between product development roadmap and reliability of systems.

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